Viral Transport Medium



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Over the last 24 years, BrainBits has risen to meet the challenges facing researchers in the neuroscience community. That spirit has not diminished as we have expanded our abilities to provide not only CNS tissues on demand, but other organs as well. This, in conjunction with our ability to custom make growth and storage media, has made BrainBits a staple in labs around the world stretching from large pharmaceutical companies to high schools training the next generation of scientists.

Due to this, BrainBits is proud to announce our ability to manufacture Viral Transport Medium. This medium is manufactured in accordance with strict protocol guidelines as directed by the CDC. Each lot is quality controlled, and made in small 500ml batches to ensure sterility, traceability, and quality. We can offer this in 1L or 500ml bottles or 2ml or 3ml volumes already dispensed in 15ml conical tubes.

This media arrives sterile and ready for use.

VTM media should be stored at 4-8°C and can has a 9 month shelf life from the date of manufacture.

**Viral Transport Media (VTM) is designed for the transport of viruses for research and testing purposes. **

**This media is not to be taken internally and is for the transport of specimens only! **

This media is ready for use. Recommendation is to aliquot the media into 15ml centrifuge tubes or equivalent at a volume of 3ml.


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