SCAVEGR (Antioxidant)


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SCAVEGR: A Mix of 5 Antioxidants: SOD, Catalase, Vitamin E, Vitamin E Acetate, and Glutathione Reduced. 

When added during brain mitochondria isolation SCAVEGR stimulates higher respiratory rates and increased preservation of creatine kinase.  Also useful for determining the effects of antioxidants on cultured cells.

SCAVEGR can be introduced into the mitochondrial isolation medium during homogenization, centrifugation and resuspension. Respiration of brain mitochondria and synaptosomes are improved compared to isolations performed in standard mannitol/sucrose isolation media alone. 

Mitochondria isolated in mannitol/sucrose/EGTA/BSA +SCAVEGR showed a 2-folder higher Vmax for respiration driven ADP and a 15% higher respiratory control ratio. SCAVEGR also stabilized the octameric state of mitochondrial creatine kinase and thus improved creatine-stimulated respiration. These results suggest that significant improvements in brain mitochondrial function are obtained by isolation in the presence of SCAVEGR.

Brewer, G.J. Jones, T.T. Wallimann, T. and Schlattner, U. (2004) Higher Respiratory Rates and Improved Creatine Stimulation in Brain Mitochondria Isolated with Anti-oxidants. Mitochondrion 4:49-57. (PM:16120374)

Supplied as a 50x stock solution.

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