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Whole Heart 

Fresh heart tissue from a E18 Sprague-Dawley rat or C57 mouse is dissected into two equal parts for transport. Postnatal and older hearts are dissected into 4 equal parts. This tissue allows you to create a cardiomyocyte culture that retains its physiological functions, including beating.  This is allows you to have an in Vitro model for the testing of cardiotoxicity, function, and other applications.

The Postnatal ages and special order tissue requires 2-4 week lead time for ordering.

*Atria and Aorta are removed. If you would like those to remain, please indicate on your order.

  • whole heart tissue shipped for overnight delivery.
  • Guaranteed > 1.3 million viable cells.
  • All orders must be received by the close of business the day before dissections.
  • Other ages available upon request.
  • 12ml of NbCardio: Cardiomyocyte growth and maintenance medium included.
  • Protocol included.