Rat or Mouse Cardiomyocytes Plated in 24 Well Plate(s)


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Cardiomyocytes Plated in 24 Well Plate(s) 

Introducing our new line of live cardiomyocytes from Sprague-Dawley rat and C57 mouse adhered to tissue culture treated 24 Well Plate(s) shipped directly to your laboratory with no loss in cell survival.

•Dramatically reduce time and costs  of your cardiomyocyte experiments.
•Optimized for cardiomyocytes.
•Cardiomyocytes are seeded at 75,000cells/cm2 ( approximately 150,000 cells per well)
•Great for cardiotoxicity, function, and other applications.

Cardiomyocytes are plated on Friday for overnight shipment the following Monday unless it is a Federal Holiday or other scheduled company closure date. All order must be received 24 hours prior to cell plating. Cardiomyocyte cultures arrive at 4 days in culture.

Please Note: For cell survival, an immediate media exchange with the supplied NbCardio culture media is required.