P0 - P8 Mouse Whole Brain


Postnatal Age

This product has a minimum quantity of 4

Shipping Restrictions

  • US shipping must be done Overnight.
  • Shipping will be done the next time the product is harvested.

Microsurgically dissected brain from P8 mouse is provided along with media to initiate a culture of primary mouse neurons

All postnatal tissue orders require 2-4 weeks of lead time before dissection date.

Please click here for our Postnatal Whole Brain Plating Protocol


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NbActiv1™ neuron culture medium is a pre-mixed version of Neurobasal™ + B27™ + Glutamax™. NbActiv1, the predecessor to our new NbActiv4, Neurobasal and B27 was developed in 1993 by our founder Greg Brewer,(PM:8377226). It is a serum-free medium optimized for neuron survival after 4 days of growth. Many neuron types can be cultured in NbActiv1, (PM:8600300). Glutamax even replaces the usual glutamine.