Neuroprogenitors Rat


Shipping Restrictions

  • Regular shipping is restricted to the following days: Tuesday, Thursday.
  • US shipping must be done Overnight.

One order of Neuroprogenitors is from one brain which will provide over 1 million neurospheres. Neurospheres are grown in progenitor medium (12 ml provided) on uncoated low adhesion plastic (corning pdf).  Differentiation requires tissue culture plastic or glass coated with poly-d-lysine.

Microsurgically dissected regions from E18 rat is provided along with media to initiate your culture.

All orders must be placed the day before the specified dissection date

Other rat ages are available upon request. All special orders require 2-4 weeks of lead time before dissection date.

All embryonic rat tissue is shipped on Tuesday and Thursday each week unless it is a Federal Holiday or other scheduled company closure date.

Click here for the Neuroprogenitor Culturing Protocol.


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