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NbMicroPro medium is a premixed medium designed to promote the proliferation of Microglia.

NbMicroPro is a mixture of components that push Microglia to proliferate at much faster rate than our standard medias.

Microglia have shown an increase in cell number up to 3X’s from the initial seeding densities within six days in culture. This allows you to perform variety of assays within a shorter amount of time.

This media is premixed and ready for use!

No thawing.

No pipetting.

Less risk of contamination.

NbMicroPro should be stored at 4°C and has a shelf life of up to a month if unopened. This media is designed for use at 37°C in a 5% CO2 incubator. Microglia are subject to less oxidative stress if the oxygen is regulated at 9%.

NbMicroPro is made to order.

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