New from BrainBits®: Fresh microglia suspended in media and delivered directly to your facility

BrainBits® is proud to introduce our new line of rat and mouse microglia products. After an extraordinary amount of research, testing, and development, we are excited to offer these new discovery advancing research tools.

Microglia isolations are performed on demand and match your research needs

Each microglia product ordered from BrainBits® contains a vial of cells from rat or mouse, 12ml of NbActiv1TM to keep microglia in a natural resting state, and a detailed protocol. Standard microglia isolations include your choice of whole brain or cortex from an embryonic day 18 SD Rat or whole brain from a C57. BrainBits® has also developed NbMicroTM as an optimized microglia growth medium.

BrainBits® microglia are never frozen

Different from competitors cryo products, BrainBits® microglia are isolated and delivered as fresh live cells suspended in media. These cells are never exposed to harsh freeze / thaw cycles that can be responsible for more than 50% cell viability loss and potential permanent damage to cells that remain viable.