Lipofectamine™ 2000 & BrainBits Dissociated Cells

Now, BrainBits® is a distributor of Lipofectamineâ„¢ 2000 Transfection Reagent.   When combined with our specially formulated BrainBits® Transfection Media, Lipofectamineâ„¢ 2000 is ideal for hard to transfect primary neurons. We compared three popular transfection reagents and Lipofectamineâ„¢ 2000 outperformed the competition.Â

•             Optimized for use with BrainBits® tissue, dissociated, and adherent neurons.

•             Our transfection protocol prevents toxicity.

•             A wide range of available volumes to meet transfection requirements while preventing reagent waste.


Embryonic rat tissue is shipped on Tuesday and Thursday, while embryonic mouse tissue is shipped only on Thursday each week unless there is a Federal Holiday or other scheduled company closure date.