E18 Tissue

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BrainBits® Dissociated Cell Culturing Kit From E18 Sprague Dawley Rat

BrainBits® Dissociated Cell Culturing Kit The BrainBits Dissociated Cell Culturing Kit contains everything you need to start a culture from single cell suspensions mechanically dissociated from freshly dissected E18 rat tissue. Dissociated cells are stored in 2 mL of Hibernate® EB Complete, which helps to maintain cell viability for up 14 days when stored at 4ºC.

Neuroprogenitors Rat

One order of Neuroprogenitors is from one brain which will provide over 1 million neurospheres. Neurospheres are grown in progenitor medium (12 ml provided) on uncoated low adhesion plastic (corning pdf). Differentiation requires tissue culture plastic or glass coated with poly-d-lysine. Microsurgically dissected regions from E18 rat is provided along with media to initiate your culture.

E18 Rat Combined Astrocytes Cortex, Hippocampus and Ventricular Zone

Fresh E18 tissue from Sprague Dawley Rat and media are provided to initiate a culture of primary rat astroglia. All orders must be placed the day before the specified dissection date

Dissociated Cells From E18 SD Rat

Dissociated E18 Sprague Dawley Hippocampal or Cortical Cells Stored in Hibernate® EB Complete Media Now we make it even easier for you to start your primary neuronal cultures!