12 mm Glass Cover Slips

Introducing our new line of live cultured primary neurons adhered to 15 mm microscope glass cover slips shipped directly to your laboratory with no loss in cell survival.

•             Dramatically reduce time and costs of your primary culture experiments.

•             Optimized for primary neurons across multiple CNS tissue regions.

•             Neurons are seeded at 16,000 cells / cm² (approximately 28,000 cells per cover slip)

•             Excellent for fluorescent microscopy, transfection, pharmacology, physiology, toxicology experiments.

Other brain regions available upon request.

Neurons from embryonic day 18 rat or mouse are cultured on Friday for 4 days, then shipped overnight the following Tuesday unless it is a Federal Holiday or other scheduled company closure date. All orders must be received 24 hours prior to cell plating. Live primary neurons arrive 5 days in culture.

Please note: For cell survival, an immediate media exchange with supplied NbActiv4® culture medium is required. (NbActiv1™ culture media is available upon request).

Detailed Protocol